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We are blessed childrens foundation

Most of us take for granted, how blessed we truly are. We Are Blessed Children’s Foundation is trying to touch the lives of children whom never experienced what most Americans considered a real Christmas. Having a big beautiful lighted Christmas tree, full with toys and gifts under it. After opening the gifts, all of the family sits for their special holiday dinner, where they thanks for the meal they are about to receive.

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, the We Are Blessed Children’s Foundation, will celebrate our fourth annual Christmas dinner, at the Centro Educativo Rafael Danilo Thomas School, located in Sabaneta de Yasica. We will be feeding over eight hundred students and faculty, also in association with Principal Cecilio Vargas Brito and English teacher, Pedro Luis, we have invited over three hundred senior citizens, from the neighboring areas to celebrate Christmas dinner with us. We will have music, gifts. Most important, we will award the top ten senior students, ten laptop computers for their academic excellence. Have a blessed day.